TEPF TEI Schedule

SCHEDULE overview

Monday, May 7

Data Literacy Skills and Foundations of the Practice

On day one of the Institute participants will be introduced to the practice of “Using Data to Improve Novice Teacher Practice.” Teacher educators will gain an understanding of what the practice is and a baseline understanding of its component parts, or “look fors.” The focus of this day will be on building the data literacy skills necessary for successfully enacting this practice so that participants feel comfortable with disaggregation, quality assurance, and triangulation of multiple sources of novice teacher data.

Tuesday, May 8

Mastering the Practice and its Components

On day two of the Institute participants will learn how to enact each of the components of the practice for their particular teacher educator roles (e.g. faculty of pre-service teachers, faculty of in-service teachers, and mentor teachers in PK-12 schools). Using case study data aligned to their role type, participants will learn how to analyze data, identify root causes, and write action plans in response to data.

Wednesday, May 9

Applying What You’ve Learned

On the final day of the Institute participants will have work time to apply what they’ve learned throughout the Institute to their own role. Specifically, participants will walk away from the Institute having answered the following questions:

  • What data will you collect? 
  • Why are you collecting it? What will be answered, and what will you do in response?
  • How will you ensure the data are any good?
  • What is your data collection and analysis timeline?
  • What specific data analysis and action planning tools will you use?

Throughout the week we will also have many networking opportunities to share what is working in each of our teacher preparation programs.