TEI 2017 Schedule

SCHEDULE overview

Frameworks + Frequency of Practice + Building a Culture of Practice

We begin by reflecting on where we are as individuals, and as an institute community, with respect to a framework for effective facilitation of practice. Grounded in this framework, we start to collaboratively explore the first of several characteristics of effective facilitation of practice, specifically: the frequency of opportunities our teachers have to practice, how to protect those opportunities, and the concrete ways to cultivate a rich culture of practice that empowers teachers to take risks to accelerate their development.

Delivering Practice + Providing Feedback During Practice

We continue our interactive exploration of the characteristics of effective facilitation of practice, going deeply into how we deliver practice as teacher educators--specifically how we set up the practice, protocols for facilitating the practice, and how to successfully close out each practice session. We will also focus on how we ensure that the feedback that practicing teachers receive, both from the teacher educator and colleagues, is high quality.

Practice Types + Studying Practice

We continue to explore the characteristics of effective facilitation of practice--first examining various strengths and shortcomings of a variety of practice types and the importance of aligning the type of practice with our goals for teacher development. Participants will then select to go deeply into one type of practice: (1) Facilitating Practice Online, (2) Facilitating Practice-Rich One-On-One Coaching Conversations, or (3) Facilitating In-Person Group Practice. We end the day by studying practice--what are the data that allow us to analyze the impact of practice and continually strengthen our facilitation.

Taking What You Learned Back to Your Home Institution

In our final session we put the learning from the week into action, using a protocol for improving our facilitation of practice to: (1) workshop a session that participants brought to the Institute and refined throughout the week, or (2) adapt a session presented at the Institute that participants can turnkey for other colleagues at their home institutions.

Throughout the week we will also have featured keynotes, practice exchanges, and other opportunities to share what is working in each of our teacher preparation programs.