Laboratory #4: Using Data to Improve Novice Teacher Practice


Laboratory #4: Using Data to Improve Novice Teacher Practice

Thursday, November 30th - Friday, December 1st
Nashville, TN

TeacherSquared labs are 1.5 day innovation sprints where teacher educators from multiple institutions co-create new tools that serve common needs in teacher preparation.

    High-Level Description

    Great teacher educators gather multiple sources of quantitative and qualitative data about their novice teachers' practice and use those data for the purpose of improving their practice at multiple points throughout a course and/or school year. These teacher educators do things such as: 

    • Gather multiple sources of quantitative and qualitative data about novice teacher practice
    • Analyze data to identify emerging strengths and weaknesses
    • Identify root causes, and prioritize areas of practice for improvement
    • Create and implement action plans based on data analysis 

    In this lab participants will discuss the ways teacher educators enact this practice within their own programs and will identify new professional development opportunities teacher educators need in order to improve on this practice. Participants will also take on the role of innovators, by creating resources and materials aligned this practice that they will be able to bring back to their organizations. Some potential deliverables may include data gathering tools, analysis templates, and data trackers. 

    This lab is aligned with the Teacher Educator Practice Framework. The resources developed at this lab will be the first step to creating professional development for the practice of Using Data to Improve Novice Teacher Practice. 


    • Identify ways that teacher educators enact the practice of Using Data to Improve Novice Teacher Practice
    • Create a set of concrete resources and materials that will support the development of this teacher educator practice that will be immediately useful to our programs, and will support the development of our teacher educators
    • Inform the instruction that will take place at the Using Data to Improve Novice Teacher Practice Teacher Educator Institute in Spring 2018

    Profile of Potential Participants

    Participants should currently be a teacher educator or teacher educator trainer with experience in Using Data to Drive Novice Teacher Practice. This includes teacher educators who teach data literacy coursework, are data-driven in their own practice, or have a sense of familiarity with the collection, analyzation, and response to data. Participants should have a strong belief in data, an outcomes orientation, and a desire to be a national thought leader on this topic. We aim to have approximately 25 participants in the lab, with 2-3 participants per provider.


    This event is open only to TeacherSquared providers and Transformation Center CoP members. To register for this event, please email Sona Baker at teachersquared@relay.edu.


    Casa Azafran Community Center

    2195 Nolensville Pike
    Nashville, TN 37211



    At the beginning of the lab, all participating institutions will share their existing resources related to Using Data to Improve Novice Teacher Practice. The pre-work for this event ensures that all participants have a common general understanding of this practice in advance of the event. Mini-presentations from each institution will ensure that all lab groups have exposure to applicable resources already in existence within our community. Instead of creating a wheel from scratch, we hope that all of our collective existing resources will us collectively build new, better wheels.

    The “Teacher Educator” Lens

    This lab specifically focuses on the practices of Teacher Educators, not necessarily the skills of novice teacher candidates. Therefore, when compiling resources, make sure these are documents, tools, etc. that are reflective of the work of Teacher Educators:  course instructors, professors, site coordinators, coaches/clinical instructors, P-12 mentors, or P-12 instructional leaders.

    About the Pre-Work

    The pre-work below will take most participants less than one hour, prior to November 20. One representative from each institution will contribute an additional hour+ to compile resources and assemble a brief presentation for the lab.

      1. Skim the entire Teacher Educator Practice Framework
      2. Closely read the introduction (pgs. 1-3) and the section on Using Data to Improve Novice Teacher Practice (pgs. 25-26). Prepare to evaluate yourself or a teacher educator you know well using the rubric on page 26.
      3. Read this Issue Brief from the Teacher Preparation Transformation Center Community of Practice. 
      1. Fill out the pre-event survey and think about what this practice means to you, and how you enact this practice in your organization. In order to complete this survey, you will need to have reviewed the TEPF section on this practice.
      1. dentify your institutional representative who will compile resources and prepare a brief presentation to other lab participants. 
        1. COMPILE RESOURCES [DUE MONDAY, NOV 20]: After reading the section on Using Data to Improve Novice Teacher Practice (pgs. 25-26), consider the resources, documents, etc. related to this practice that faculty and leaders at your institution use to enact each component of this practice. Meaning, for each of the seven components of this practice, what resources do you have to share with our lab colleagues?   
          1. Upload your resources to the applicable component folder in the event Google Folder.
          2. Write a brief description of the resource in the Resource Index.
          3. Questions? Email Christian Sparling.
        2. ASSEMBLE A BRIEF PRESENTATION OF THESE RESOURCES [DUE THURSDAY, NOV 30, AT THE LAB]: To help the other participants at the lab better understand and contextualize the resources you have compiled, you will prepare a brief walkthrough of how you enact this practice at your organization, and describe the resources you shared during the first morning of the lab. Your presentation can be as simple as projecting your documents and giving brief talking points that explain the purpose, strengths, and limitations of each resource you have shared, as well as any program-specific context. Your presentation should be 10 minutes or less. You can plug in your laptop directly to the projector at the lab or send a PowerPoint/Google Slide deck in advance, whichever you prefer. 

    Travel & Logistics

    Hotel Information

    For your convenience, we have reserved a block of rooms at Fairfield Inn & Suites, which is located approximately 8 minutes driving away from the event venue. The room block rate is $169/night and is available for 11/29 and 11/30. We recommend flying in on 11/29 (the night before the event) to ensure a timely start on Thursday morning.

    Fairfield Inn & Suites
    901 Division Street
    Nashville, TN 37067

    To reserve a room, please use this online link or call the hotel at 615-690-1740 and request a room under the TeacherSquared room block.
    Note: This room rate will expire on 11/6/2017 and the block will not be available afterwards. Please contact Sona if the room block is full prior to that date and she will add more rooms. 

    Airport Information

    We recommend flying into the Nashville International Airport [BNA].


    Wednesday, November 29th: Travel Day
    Thursday, November 30th:

    • 9:00 AM: Optional Breakfast
    • 9:30 AM: Sessions Begin
    • 5:30 PM: End of Day
    • 6:30 PM: Optional Social Dinner

    Friday, December 1st: 

    • 8:30 AM: Optional Breakfast
    • 9:00 AM: Sessions Begin
    • 1:00 PM: End of Day

    Dress Code

    The dress code for this event is relaxed business, to include jeans. 

    Event Cost

    Meals will be provided during the day of both days of the event. Participants will be responsible for their own lodging and travel costs, as well as any other costs outside of the event.


    This event will be mostly paperless and will rely heavily on computer or tablet processing. Please bring a laptop or tablet (and chargers) that can access wifi for use during this event.