Feedback Tracker - Glows and Grows


feedback tracker: glows & grows

created may 2016

This Google Sheets-based tracker allows the teacher educator to see, at a glance, candidate successes and struggles across many small practice groups. The teacher educator populates a targeted list of likely glows and grows, similar to criteria for success. As teacher candidates rehearse in small groups and input their outcomes, the teacher educator can see, at a glance, what the candidates most commonly identified as areas of strength and areas of growth and can use that information when providing batch feedback to the group. There is also a space for individual teacher reflections at the end of the session.

feedback tracker glows and grows.JPG


Daya Cozzolino-Fulton, Teaching Excellence
Veronica Lloyd-Richards, Ark
Nate Monley, Aspire University
Christopher Reid, Teaching Excellence
Christian Sparling, TeacherSquared
Neal Teague, Sposato GSE
Therese Zosel-Harper, Relay GSE



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