HLP Deep Dive 3

HLP #3 Deep Dive


High-leverage Practice deep dive #3

april 26 - april 27, 2017
boston, ma

TeachingWorks' list of High-Leverage Practices defines Checking for Understanding as the following:

Teachers use a variety of informal but deliberate methods to assess what students are learning during and between lessons. These frequent checks provide information about students’ current level of competence and help the teacher adjust instruction during a single lesson or from one lesson to the next. They may include, for example, simple questioning, short performance tasks, or journal or notebook entries.


  1. Improve the way we teach checking for understanding to our novices
    • You will share concrete next steps for improving the way you teach checking for understanding
    • You will leave with a plan for testing those improvements / a plan to incorporate those improvements into your program
  2. Strengthen the relationships among the five institutions that are part of TeacherSquared


This event is open only to TeacherSquared providers.



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6th Floor
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