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Day 3 Schedule

Day 3: August 10

Session 3.1: Providing Feedback During Practice:

Improving the Quality of Feedback Given During Practice By Both the Facilitator and Colleagues

There is little question that receiving high-quality feedback is critical to getting better at nearly everything. Given this, how can we ensure that the feedback we provide as teacher educators, and the feedback that teachers provide to one another, is incredibly impactful?


Session 3.2a: Facilitating Practice Online

Increasingly, teacher development programs are moving more and more instructional time online. As this happens, we must ensure that teachers still have robust opportunities to engage in high-quality practice. In this session we’ll look at Mursion, TLAC Online, and other promising examples that participants bring to the session. Expect this session to feel less like a facilitated presentation and more like a working group for like-minded teacher educators interested in this topic.


Session 3.2b: Facilitating Practice-Rich One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Much of teacher development happens not in whole-group setting, but rather, in one-on-one conversations between the teacher and a coach. In this session, we’ll go deeply into how we can better facilitate high-quality practice in either the pre-observation conversations or post-observation debriefs.


Session 3.2c: Facilitating In-Person Group Practice (Scrimmages)

Facilitating high-quality practice with groups of teachers practicing simultaneously is among the most challenging pedagogies available to teacher educators. In this session, we will go deeply into how we can better facilitate group practice, specifically focusing on what you are doing given multiple concurrent rounds of practice, student roles for teachers during practice, and how to find coherence across different practice days.

Session 3.3: Is Practice Working?:

Creating Systems that Generate Data to Ensure Your Facilitation of Practice and Its Impact on Teacher Development is Always Improving

What evidence do you have to suggest that all of the time you have committed to teachers practicing is worth that investment? How do you know what to improve next to take your facilitation of practice to the next level? In this session we will explore a set of data-generating systems for both you and your practicing teachers to help you to answer the questions, “Is practice working? How do I know?”