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Day 2 Schedule

Day 2: August 9

SESSION 2.1: Cultivating a Culture of Practice:

Concrete Actions for Teacher Educators Who Want to Bolster Participant Investment in Practice

Most teachers don’t immediately love to practice. It is public. It is difficult. It requires a level of vulnerability that is not always needed in teacher development work. As teacher educators, we must strive to cultivate a culture where our participants value practice and throw their whole selves into the work. What are the concrete actions that you are already taking to cultivate a culture of practice? Be ready to try out several new ideas! 

Sessions 2.2 + 2.3: delivering practice:

Getting Intentional About the Way that Practice is Introduced, Enacted, and Concluded

Structuring high-quality practice requires intentional planning and thoughtful implementation. In this session, we will unpack the planning and in-the-moment decisions that lead to effective practice. We will focus specifically on how we introduce, enact, and conclude each practice session and will share best practices from each of our programs.